Use Cases

Anomaly Detection

Using Deep Learning and Clustering techniques, we have developed this application to predict when in the future the machine can behave abnormally and thus creating the chance for preventive maintenance. This helps immensely to reduce the impact of production disruption. We have used different sensory data from the machinery used such as vibrations, the pressure at different parts, etc.

Conversational Bot

Using NLP and NLU techniques, we have developed this bot and it is integrated with Zomato API to get the restaurant information. It also has text-to-speech and speech-to-text features, so that a user can easily converse with the bot to get the required information. We have built a Conversation bot or Voice bot which can help the user to search around for any restaurants in India based on their location, budget, and choice of cuisine.

Audio Style Transpose

Using the GAN variant, we created Audio Style Transpose, which converts one person’s voice into another, keeping the contents same, or converting any music audio from one genre to another. This method is fast enough to perform the conversions in real-time. Once the model is trained, generating output from the input voice is very fast.

Number Plate Recognition

Using the Computer Vision technique, we have extracted numbers and letters from car license plates captured on CCTV footages and our model achieved an overall accuracy of 99%. Car number plate detection plays a major role in safeguarding the transportation system. It has a variety of potential applications ranging from security to surveillance in parking lots to traffic control.

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