Analytics, as the name suggests, is the analysis of meaningful patterns in data, and applying the inferences in decision making. Organizations use data analytics to study their business performances and predict and improve their future performance. These analytics can be of various types, namely: predictive, descriptive, prescriptive, cognitive, Big Data, retail and supply chain, web, risk and fraud and modelling of marketing and sales, to name a few.


The analytics that Bayshore Intelligence delivers can be applied to a variety of situations, almost any situation that one has some records of, and which depends on some factors. We mix mainly descriptive, predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive analytics to answer the what, why, and what’s likely. Some common situations are:

  • Marketing and Sales Analytics
  • Industrial Analytics
  • Customer behaviour analytics
  • E-Commerce and E-market analysis
  • Employees performance analytics
  • Analytics to prevent frauds
  • Advanced data analytics

What do we apply

We apply machine learning and algorithms based on complex rules. A list of our applications for a wholesome analytics experience are as follows:

  1. Data Science: We experiment on data, apply both machine and deep learning, and build models based on probabilities to recognize patterns and give extra insights.
  2. Visualization of Data : We deliver reports and dashboards to help our customers track their relevant data, progress and trends easily.
  3. Management of Data: We handle data migration and security to ensure high quality data management.
  4. Consultancy for Big Data: We offer all the services required to help you reveal the potential that big data that is hidden in your deep data.
  5. Consultancy for business intelligence and analysis for outsourced data: We offer professional advice needed to develop a healthy BI strategy and environment, enabling you to enjoy the self-service BI brings. We also analyse any data you may have outsourced.