Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative or problems with your existing solutions. We therefore provide you with the talent or the scaling needs that you might require.

We have a 4 step Development Process at Bayshore Intelligence which includes the following :

1. Discovery :

  • We begin by assessing and understanding about the objectives, scope, data set of the project and the required results for your business.
  • We then move onto the path of evaluating how the Artificial Intelligence (AI)solution fits into your existing processes and shapes the delivery process.
  • The team then begins to strategize and design the entire project including the roadmap, delivery schedule of the entire module along with the specialised features and functions that need to be included.

2. Exploration:

  • Business data which is crucial to the company is collected from the management and then the crux of the matter is understood to plan out the most feasible and apt project development strategy.
  • We then start building the Machine Learning Prototypes that are made to undergo severals tests and training processes to meet your performance and business metrics.

3. Build:

  • The Model is then developed after the roadmap is mapped out. Prototypes are successfully developed into Machine Learning Models which uses both historic as well as new data sets, inadvertently aiding in the decision making process along with predicting futuristic trends.
  • Our in-house Full Stack Development team then takes over to develop each and every layer of the application from the Frontend to the Backend.

4. Optimization:

  • Anomalies are detected by passing applications vigorously through tests. Security flaws and other such scalability bottlenecks are unearthed.
  • Performance of the applications are then fine tuned.

5. Feedback Integration:

  • We then allow you to provide constructive feedbacks. Those are then taken into consideration for future developments so as to ensure that applications are relevant to to your ever-changing business requirements.

6. Training:

  • Hand-holding and Training services are provided to your employees and other such stakeholders who shall be involved in the day-to-day management. They shall be informed about all the features of the application so that there is no hindrance in the usage of the same.