Deep Learning is a subsidiary field of machine learning and is concerned with algorithms which are inspired by our brain and its structures and functions, which are called artificial neural networks. Deep learning is actually a part of a family of machine learning methods which are based on the representation of data, not algorithms specific for each task. This learning can be done by the machine under three conditions: unsupervised, semi-supervised and supervised.

Deep Learning: Our Services

Understanding neural networks and using deep learning efficiently is something which requires years of experience, and we at Bayshore Intelligence have got you covered with a myriad of Deep Learning services available at your demand.

  1. Assistant in Experiments: Our service will allow you to initiate experiments and monitor them while comparing and cross-referencing data across models. You need not worry about the logs and scripts. We will manage your assets.
  2. Elasticity in GPU Computation: We can train neural networks parallelly by using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, which lead the market. Only pay for what you use. Our auto-allocation means that you won’t have to remember to shutdown your cloud training each time, neither will you have any containers or clusters to manage.
  3. Optimizing your hyperparameter: We can automate the searching for the hyperparameter space of your network efficiently, enabling you to get the best performance out of your model with the fewest possible training runs. 4. Modeler for Neural Network We also offer you a modeler to visually design the neural networks. You can configure the layers of your architecture and deploy it by using the most popular frameworks for deep learning.

Benefits of choosing Bayshore Intelligence

  • Save time and not just money by using the IDE you prefer, existing workflows and Visual debugging tools; optimizing your networks and making them better and faster.
  • Manage the training using our training assets and focus on designing the most optimum neural architecture you can.
  • Trusted Infrastructure on Cloud for the best production environments
  • Use graphs to view accuracy and loss in real time and then track and view the hyperparameters; no more text logs