About Us

A 360° Data Science application development company, spearheaded by techno-commercial thought leaders and visionaries, aided by an incredibly talented team, infusing innovation with technology to increase value proposition of "being"

Bayshore’s Culture

At Bayshore Intelligence Solutions, we are a staunch believer of “Excellence over Mediocrity”. Our core values comprises of “Customer Satisfaction”, “Equal Employment Opportunity” and “Employee First” culture. For us, Diversity and Innovation goes hand in hand and we strive to retain our core competencies at all level and at any cost. A near perfect mix of work-life balance provides us that extra cushion to accelerate in crunch times to overcome any obstacles, we may collide with. It’s all about TEAM WORK, KNOWLEDGE & APPETITE FOR EXCELLENCE that sets us apart to stay ahead in the game.

Bayshore’s Mission

Bayshore Intelligence Solutions strives to deliver the best possible services and solutions to meet the requirement of customers across the globe. Besides amplifying the productivity of business houses, we go above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. With our state-of-the-art technology solution, we ensure a significant elevation in customer’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Bayshore’s Vision

Bayshore Intelligence Solutions envisions a future with exponential growth in revenue, using the power of Data Science. With our robust Artificial Intelligence based solutions, we intend to disrupt processes for the ultimate improvement and eliminate human intervention, so that businesses can engage their workforce into more productive work. Our end to end Data Science based solutions has the potential to change the way conventional application works, to commence the advent of a new era called “Automation”.

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