Enterprise Transformation Services


Today, a strong customer experience isn't enough to make businesses successful. To be highly relevant, customer experience must be directly linked to the rest of the value chain. Customers, employees, and partners must be engaged regardless of organizational boundaries.

Through Enterprise Application Services, we help clients with reinventing the digital customer experience, engaging the partner ecosystem, and optimizing operations and financial management. We can help transform businesses through a simpler, modernized landscape, enable you to accomplish your key business goals, and ensure your success in the digital economy.

Digital transformation of engagement across industries has led to successful brands prioritizing innovation, speed, and execution. The modern operating model is built around digitized workflows, enhanced by technology, and supported by agile processes. Our goal is to accelerate the execution of digital operations for companies. Using cutting-edge technology and integrating new ways of working, our business process services enable clients to confidently handle change.

The most successful companies strive to provide their customers and stakeholders with personalized experiences, release products in an accelerated manner, and scale their businesses to infinity. During our sustainable, continuous modernization program, we apply tools, approaches, and best practices to extract and migrate legacy capabilities and workloads so we can gain business benefits from cloud-native architectures and platform ecosystems.

An enterprise's application portfolio can be rationalized and modernized with this approach, reducing the total cost of ownership. Deconstruct legacy applications in self-funded increments, while managing changes with minimal IT overhead. Modernization spending can be optimized while delivering continuous business benefits.

Take advantage of domain and technology expertise acquired for years to automate several aspects of the modernization process. Businesses can make use of these methods by implementing microservices, disposable architecture ecosystems that allow continuous technology and capability innovation, and highly automated IT development and operations.

Invest In Cognitive Enterprise Automation For Innovation And Growth

We make automation your key technology enabler for competitive advantage and fast track time to value. It broadens the scope of technology-addressable problems through cognitive methods. Also, resolve problems where earlier generation technology has failed and fundamentally change the way your IT is structured.

To generate maximum ROI for businesses, we leverage Enterprise Automation (intelligent business process management, robotic process automation, and optical character recognition), Artificial Intelligence, digital process transformation, and results-driven service delivery.

Robotic Process Automation

It is possible to automate processes with (RPA) and in combination with other technologies such as AI and ML, bring about intelligent automation that is capable of taking humanlike decisions and incorporates cognitive capabilities based on the learning techniques.

The power of automation is essential for enterprises in a data-centric back office, operations, and front office today. We understand the importance of automation in digital transformation initiatives. Using our best-in-class RPA solutions, we automate structured data across a wide range of industries.

We've repeatedly added significant value to business processes with our robotic process automation (RPA) solutions and services. Our process modeling, requirement analysis, and process re-engineering methodologies are carried out by an elite team of experts across a wide range of domains.

Business Process Management

(BPM) focuses on restructuring the existing business processes of an enterprise, increasing productivity and efficiency. It includes the coordination of data, systems, and people involved in a process.

BPM facilitates the assessment of process automation as well as recommendations for a roadmap and ROI analysis. The solution is based on best practices, proven methodologies, checklists, and artifacts of the industry. The use of standard tools, processes, and governance ensures effectiveness.

This enables our customers to rapidly implement their business process management systems. Automating the deployment process speeds up the debugging process and makes the debugging turnaround time shorter.

Optical Character Recognition

Technology such as optical character recognition (OCR) has the potential to change the way businesses operate. The OCR process uses Machine Learning techniques to locate text in an image so that it can be understood. As a result of OCR, we can identify text from different kinds of artifacts in various forms, enabling businesses to be more efficient in their file processing tasks.

To implement OCR technology successfully in a software product, you need to identify business goals, evaluate data available from both open sources and your datasets, and decide whether additional measures are required. Furthermore, partnering with machine learning can result in achieving attainable enterprise goals and benchmarks. In addition, they can help you select the OCR architecture, tools, and services that will best serve your business needs.

Digital and Artificial Intelligence

The goal of AI is to simulate human intelligence so that it can create systems that can learn and reason. To enable self-learning capabilities, it includes concepts such as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and so on. AI is used to drive rapid innovation in how enterprises serve their clients using key business KPIs.

The modern consumer is more informed, connected, and empowered. With digital disruption, consumers expect seamless experiences across all channels that are persuasive and personalized. In addition to selecting the best customer-facing technologies for your business, you need to implement effective change management strategies that will align your people with your customer-based goals.

This is where AI meets humans and our design and development experts can assist you in creating compelling omnichannel customer experiences. Our team will help you harness cutting-edge technologies to improve customer interactions and achieve success in the digital age.

By combining advanced, industry-leading digital tools, such as cloud computing, omnichannel, self-service, artificial intelligence, and cognitive capabilities, we help clients digitally transform their services and improve customer experience, ensuring future readiness.

Demographic changes in the workforce, changing business constraints, mergers, acquisitions, and increasingly complex regulations are all contributing to changing HR business expectations.

We provide a structured roadmap for implementing end-to-end digital HR transformation based on our expertise in HCM domains and our digital HR offerings. Our innovative transformation solutions help create a compelling employee experience, realize efficiency gains and drive business value.

By leveraging our long-standing technology partnerships, we can provide best-ofbreed digital HR management solutions based on leading technology platforms. The modern enterprise seeks solutions that combine technology, innovation, maturity, and change management equally. For your organization to optimize its talent and people processes, Human Capital Management (HCM) is crucial.

As several factors emerge to cause a disruptive change in talent management, we offer you customized solutions that align with your business objectives. With our mature processes, moving HCM to the cloud is easier and less expensive.

With our Digital Supply Chain Management solutions/services, we assist our clients in adopting, implementing, and demonstrating the best-in-breed technologies and practices, proofs of concept, and design-thinking-led solutions for coping and responding to disruption. Delivering value to the enterprise requires looking beyond traditional supply chain processes in the digital age. Create unique customer experiences, revise your value chains, satisfy dynamic customer needs, establish a symbiotic relationship with suppliers, and create value for your partners.

By leveraging next-generation digital technologies, we help you establish next-generation supply chain solutions. Your supply chain can be modernized while operating costs are reduced by utilizing digital technologies. By taking advantage of new opportunities and challenges faster, you reduce risks associated with ongoing operations.

Product Lifecycle Management

To accelerate time to market, meet quality requirements, achieve compliance, and deliver optimum quality and efficiency, our PLM services provide the foundation of the digital thread.

Procurement Management

Procurement tools with automation help our customers save money and reduce costs by reducing the time and resources expended on procurement processes. And our Digital Procurement Management Services help to manage suppliers from sourcing to bargaining successfully.

Manufacturing & Production Systems

By capturing accurate and real-time data from the factory floor, our Services enable our customers to track and synchronize the manufacturing activities across all of their (geographically separated) plants, resulting in improved production output and optimal performance.

Enterprise Asset Management

Our services help our customers manage their entire physical asset lifecycles by providing a 360 degree view of their physical assets and infrastructures in the design, procurement, commissioning, operation, maintenance, disposal, and replacement phases; i.e., throughout the entire lifecycle.

Lab Automation Systems

Our LAS Service delivers enterprise-wide solutions to our customers in life-sciences, biotech, and medical devices. We deliver solutions that significantly enhance process control and continuous improvement; enabling our customers to be more competitive and bring products faster to the market while achieving operational efficiencies and meeting regulatory commitments.

B2B Digital Data Exchange

By connecting, automating, and enhancing business processes that connect our customers with their suppliers, our Services enable our customers to manage digital transactions faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Field Service Management

Utilizing technology capabilities we help our customers to manage their field resources such as staff and assets; scheduling and dispatching, taking into account capabilities, work orders, assets, service policies, etc.

Market inconsistencies, regulatory and statutory changes, and rapid technological advances – are all these factors that require finance to remain competitive. With our extensive experience in the financial sector, we provide the solutions you need to transform your enterprise. Through our integrated transformation methodology, we leverage the best-in-class tools and accelerators to deliver seamless solutions across industries, regions, and operational models.

Finance and accounting functions today are often overly focused on operations rather than proactively driving outcomes and compliance. Companies with legacy systems, poor data quality, and non-standard processes need services to stabilize operations and drive down costs, while also increasing revenues and productivity.

We offer an intelligent solution for finance and accounting as well as cloud-based solutions that allow us to connect to multiple legacy systems with an embedded analytics engine for real-time monitoring of business metrics. Utilizing a unified system backed by continuous operational validation and accurate insights, we help you optimize working capital and lower operating costs as well as reduce days of sales outstanding to improve financial control and support regulatory compliance.

The goal is to get your customers engaged first before they talk to anyone else. The digitalization of services and sales enables us to thrive in a world where reaching a wider audience is crucial.

Modern sales and service integration combine the latest innovations from ecommerce, omnichannel customer management (text, mail, and chat), marketing automation, biometric authentication, and analytics to drive a significantly improved customer experience management. In addition to increasing revenue and efficiencies, it improves:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Improved customer retention and engagement
  • Personalized services

We offer flexible technologies that help you communicate and engage with your customers seamlessly across different channels, reducing customer effort and creating a better customer experience. In the meantime, continuous monitoring and tracking of key sales cycle moments as well as enhanced analytics provide better business insights and enhance customer experience.

Bayshore reworks your operating model to streamline and automate your workflow so that it becomes customer-centric. With our deep industry and technology expertise, we can help elevate your current operations to support new digital capabilities using automation, digital platforms, and smart analytics.

Revival and reimagination of processes can help companies unlock real-time value. Our solutions make it easy to focus on the customers, not just the process, regardless of whether you're managing a call center, a sales counter, or other customer-facing situations.

In addition to offering robust assessments, strategic vision, and change management plans, we help clients see and understand digital opportunities to exceed customer expectations and unlock future revenue growth.