Cyber Security


Our Enterprise Security & Risk Management Services team, with Cyber Security experience, cross-industry and cross technologies expertise, acts as a trusted advisor consultant, systems integrator, and program project manager. We specialize in helping our Customers implement Security Transformation plans and maintain an up-to-date security posture.

Cyber attacks are a fact of life and a fact of business and your customers are aware of it. Keeping up with the latest cyber threats is important to keeping your customers at ease. In addition to prevention, we minimize risk and control loss by utilizing an integrated approach to protection. With our portfolio of Cyber Defense Platforms, we can deploy the right solution to keep your company protected, and resilient, no matter what the circumstances.

By addressing enterprises' data security and privacy concerns, we help them achieve compliance. Data protection involves safeguarding sensitive and critical data from compromise, modification, or loss. With the massive growth of data in today's world, it is more important than ever to ensure sensitive data is protected. Personal and financial information is protected by data privacy regulations. Data privacy concerns arise when data is shared with third parties without the consent of its owner. Data breaches can cause the organization heavy damage in terms of penalties or reputation loss.

Our security monitoring services include assessing, preventing, detecting, and responding to the threats our customers face 24x7. During the digital age, where all devices are connected, it is extremely important to protect our digital assets from cyberattacks. A rise in cybercrime has been seen, and cybercriminals are increasingly using sophisticated tools, advanced methods, and diverse attack systems. As a result of cloud and hybrid environments, the threat landscape has expanded, making Threat Detection more complex.

It is essential to implement a security monitoring and threat detection system that is efficient and effective. Having a focused approach to Threat Detection, Incident Response, malware analysis, threat intelligence, cyber forensics, and red teaming is an important part of protecting critical information assets.

Security threats and risks have been managed more effectively by our Enterprise Security and Risk Management team. We provide advanced threat detection, threat response, threat intelligence, red teams, and threat eradication and recovery services as part of Advanced Threat Management (ATM).

By protecting access to the most valuable resources of organizations, we help them reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Enterprises can become more efficient and effective by utilizing Identity and Access Management services. The data is protected by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to them. In our protection of critical IT applications, data, and systems, we provide enterprises with end-to-end solutions to handle access management challenges.

We assist our clients in designing, protecting, and monitoring their key applications, such as ERPs, CRMs, and other platforms with built-in security.

Vulnerability Assessment

As part of our service, we conduct regular vulnerability scanning for applications that are exposed to the internet, internal applications, and infrastructure, and conduct a false positive analysis to identify real vulnerabilities and provide remediation recommendations. Such vulnerabilities are proactively identified by penetration testing, preventing hackers from exploiting them.

API Security

It has become increasingly common to integrate modules and software from different vendors. As they exchange data through APIs, securing those APIs is essential because they contain confidential information. The API Security solution we provide identifies APIs that are unsecured and provides recommendations for how to secure them.


To accomplish DevSecOps in the real sense, our solution integrates Security Scanning into every development cycle. In addition to secure code review and secure architecture review, we also scan applications for vulnerabilities and analyze software composition.

MobileApp Security

The use of mobile applications involves the exchange of confidential information, so these applications must be secured. In our solution, we conduct regular penetration testing of Mobile Apps to allow us to detect potential exploits or vulnerabilities and provide remediation steps.

The cloud security services we offer aid organizations in securing their cloud environments and ensuring smooth transitions.

Cloud Security Advisory

We help assess customer's existing cloud controls, identify gaps in relation to security policies, data privacy and regulatory requirements, and offer recommendations to deploy and mitigate the identified gaps so that multi-cloud journeys are successful.

Cloud Workload Protection

It is our goal to provide a consistent level of visibility and control over workloads, regardless of whether they exist in the cloud or on-premises. In addition to Perimeter Security and DDoS Protection, we offer Web Application Firewall and BOT Protection, Workload Security, Configuration and Vulnerability Management of Workloads, Container Security, and Data encryption and tokenization.

Cloud Security Posture

Our solutions bundled with strategic partner solutions check for misconfigurations that can cause data leaks and breaches, enabling companies across a multi-cloud environment to continuously make changes to virtual machines, containers, and serverless workloads.