Application Services & Modernization


Modern enterprises must modernize their operations, drive innovation, and improve agility to adapt to the new normal. Agile foundations are essential for modern business applications. With Bayshore, you can achieve agility for an increasingly digital world with our application modernization services, software, and platform-driven solutions. As a result, your business is prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Our services cover all stages of the lifecycle of an application, from implementation to modernization, management, and maintenance. If you want to remain competitive in every situation, you need to put innovation at the center of your applications. Utilizing emerging technology and building with speed and agility to help you meet your business needs. Our innovation-driven approach to application services enables you to reinvent your enterprise application portfolio.

Building business-centric, tailored application portfolios with cutting-edge technologies, while remaining both flexible and future-proof through Bayshore's Smart development service, will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Enhancing Applications with DevOps-driven Intelligence

The use of automation, open-source platforms, and third-party technologies can lead to quicker application development and enhancement. Our objective is to help clients build DevOps and Agile strategies that reduce operational costs and increase the performance of delivery. Our team of trusted advisors facilitates the transition to a cloud-ready and agile environment by providing end-to-end application modernization capabilities.

Our Industry Solutions

Implement a business-centric approach that makes use of our deep domain expertise and modern development principles to deliver projects more quickly. We can help you meet your unique business needs with tailored, domain-specific solutions.

Integration of applications

Build APIs to integrate to transform data flow between applications seamlessly. Embrace flexible application architecture and a configuration-driven approach to accelerate delivery and enterprise agility.

Scalable Architecture

Develop a foundational technology architecture that maximizes performance and scalability. Prioritizing, operating, and managing technologies can be guided by a vision, principles, standards, and a strong roadmap.

Transform legacy applications to become more agile and efficient. Enhance the value of your applications, utilize cloud-based development, and make your business digitally ready.

Application-led cloud migration

Implement a platform-based approach to cloud migration, making applications digitally capable while ensuring agility, effortless scalability, and economical modernization. Migrates your applications to a standardized environment while limiting impact to the business.

Analyzing legacy applications

By understanding your legacy systems, we can develop the business cases and problem statements that should be considered when upgrading your current systems. Analyzes and interprets the business requirements of Legacy applications in a formal and natural language for further analysis and development.

Modernization of legacy systems

Implement a fully automated, tools-based approach to modernize legacy applications and their ecosystem to an economical, modern platform. Enhance your applications' functionality and capabilities to make them easier to maintain and more adaptable.

Upgrading technologies

Invest in a comprehensive process evaluation and upgrade technology economically. Upgrades your applications to cost-effective, more reliable, and modern technology platforms. An industrialized approach and third-party tools combine to enable a robust modernization platform that helps you manage applications across the entire lifecycle.

Implement a platform-centric application maintenance approach to industrialize application management. Creating a self-sustaining model ensures your applications are reliable and functional.

Operational excellence

Apply innovative IT operations approaches to run maintenance services as a single integrated unit, backed by a service management process that drives efficiency, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

Business outcome-driven modern application maintenance and support services

Bringing deep insight into a business to drive innovation. As a result, businesses can evolve system landscapes rapidly and achieve business needs-aligned IT goals. We help clients excel beyond cost and quality by leveraging IT with business values.

Achieving greater flexibility through Agile Transformation Services accelerates business growth. Digitalization will continue to spur enterprises to pursue enterprise-level agile transformations. We integrate Lean and Agile methodologies across the organization to systematically transform the way businesses work. Using agile methods, businesses can create better products. The goal of lean is to improve processes and to improve product quality. Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach allows businesses to deliver high-quality services, improve their capabilities, and meet customer needs better.

Our Agile & DevOps services allow clients to achieve stability and agility during these challenging times. Our creative approach to enterprise growth with an in-depth understanding of the value chain is guided by Lean methodologies and enhanced by intelligent automation. An analysis of a value chain can help companies maximize value while minimizing costs. The flexibility and scalability of our Agile and DevOps methods, coupled with effective communication, ensures reliable remote operations.

Agile methodology

Agile development adapts to constantly shifting client requirements, business demands, and technology trends, unlike waterfall development, which follows a strict chronological process. As we modernize the application, we keep the attention on the business objective and expand the infrastructure to accommodate an increased processing load. Step by step, we replace monolithic components of code with microservices.

DevOps techniques

Teams struggle to get applications into production after writing great code, and due to a lack of visibility, they are unable to troubleshoot efficiently. These problems can be solved by DevOps. Continuous integration and continuous delivery process enable the team to deploy, test, and release the code to production after writing or revising the code. By using monitoring, dashboards, and logs with request correlation, it is easier to troubleshoot distributed microservices.

Next-Gen approach

Agile methodologies aim for a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be released in a few weeks or months. Continual evaluation and early feedback from customers help course correct. Agile teams can stay focused on expected business value through lean-based value streams. Furthermore, agile teams are better able to deal with external disruptions such as the pandemic, because they can adapt to sudden changes in their environment. To deliver high levels of business value, agile practices can't work alone. As part of this process, DevSecOps practices should be followed to ensure quality, security, and reliability.

DevSecOps encourages better collaboration between development and operations teams. With Continuous Delivery as a fundamental principle, DevSecOps drives automation across the value chain and ensures quick, reliable, and repeatable deployments of code developed quickly. Using the approach, application developers can quickly convert a process-centric platform into a live enterprise with high agility, while fostering strategic insights and delivering seamless user experiences.

Integrating security requirements at every stage of development and testing instead of putting them at the end of the release avoids delays and minimizes the risk and cost associated with security errors. So, DevSecOps could be a critical element in the digital transformation process of businesses to achieve rapid growth while being reliable.

Leveraging AI-ML

Taking advantage of the data collected in the process of Agile ALM (Application lifecycle management) & DevSecOps, we leverage AI-ML in providing user-specific actionable insights and predictive analytics. A data-driven approach to business process management that enhances business outcomes.

An ecosystem of this type unifies the engineering, operations, and business collaborations to deliver business value more quickly and more reliably at an optimal cost while also providing rich insights across the enterprise. Businesses can unlock their potential and transform delivery using this powerful combination. It is always a challenge when traveling down such a path, but with an expert partner and the right approach, it is possible to define the future of the company.