Infrastructure & Cloud Services


With our comprehensive suite of offerings covering the entire IT infrastructure stack, we help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation with our platform-enabled solutions powered by AI and Automation. It is our goal to help organizations implement future-proof infrastructure in line with their business needs.

By empowering digital foundations, modernizing operations for an agile experience, and innovating for scale, we help to accelerate and scale your business with Cloud. It is one of our core missions to make IT reliable, secure, cost-effective, adaptive, and result-driven. Our cloud adoption services provide our customers with a comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of the cloud journey. This helps accelerate digital transformation and helps our customers deliver nonlinear growth.

We offer our clients a comprehensive roadmap for transformation that comes from a comprehensive cloud portfolio covering every stage of the cloud lifecycle. Cloud computing is rapidly evolving from being just a cost lever for scaling, to becoming a means of enabling innovation. In today's digital world, companies that design the right strategies to leverage the cloud will succeed in delivering personalized products and services at speed, as well as providing flexibility and innovation in business models.

It is our philosophy to understand the art and science of delivering value on the cloud, and help enterprises design and execute unique strategies that enable rightsized value-driven evolution of portfolios into cloud-native experiences. To drive scalable hybrid cloud management platforms for holistic transformation, we offer an end-to-end suite of cloud computing service packages.

Enterprises adopted cloud technology because it provided a faster, smarter, lighter infrastructure. As part of today's innovation ecosystem, cloud platforms play a critical role in bringing accelerated value to companies and driving new business models. In addition, the global pandemic has highlighted how cloud technology facilitates business resilience, which will further drive its adoption.

Our goal is to help Enterprises design an aligned, holistic cloud strategy aligned with business objectives based on our cloud accelerators and frameworks that emphasize business outcomes.

  • Implement business-driven cloud computing strategies
  • Evaluate the right applications for cloud migration
  • Develop an application-based cloud migration strategy
  • Examine security, governance, risk, and compliance issues

We provide enterprises with Cloud Migration Services with accelerated strategies that assist in efficiently managing their IT infrastructure while migrating to the Cloud.

  • Manage cloud and on-premise resources easily
  • Application migration to the cloud faster
  • Secure and seamless migrations

A company searching for ways to optimize cloud costs is focusing on expanding its cloud estate. We provide clients with Cloud Managed services that can help them improve cloud operations, reduce cloud operational costs, and maintain security and compliance.

  • Fully automated infrastructure deployment on the cloud platform
  • Flexible Security from a Compliance, Governance & Business Continuity standpoint
  • Guaranteed Lower Cloud Spend

We assist customers in migrating applications to the cloud and leveraging native Cloud capabilities to maximize application performance.

  • Agility and faster time to market
  • Re-architecting legacy applications
  • Migrating & Integrating applications from legacy to digital transformation
  • Enabling enterprises to transform their businesses through ERP on Cloud services and providing them an end to end cloud experience
  • Cloud analytics and AI capabilities on a global scale

Our blend of domain-specific and business re-engineering skills has enabled us to build several industry & domain-specific cloud solutions. These solutions include Artificial Intelligence, IOT, ERP, Analytics, etc., enabling our clients to deploy quickly and reduce costs. In addition to covering all major verticals, we also cover:

  • Communications, Media & Entertainment
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Manufacturing & Automotive
  • Retail & Supply Chain
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Healthcare

To fully understand a client's business environment, we work closely with them. Our experts develop business cases with metrics-driven ROI roadmaps as part of a cloud strategy. Cloud types, reference architectures, security policy, and cloud management platforms are built into a framework for public, private, and hybrid cloud approaches. We assess current applications and infrastructure using our strategic partnerships and recommend the optimal and most efficient to-be state.