AI-enabled Text Summarization
& Paraphrasing

AI-enabled Text Summarization and Paraphrasing

Summarize any text provided by the user along with customization options by extracting important/ key sentences from the given text. Paraphrasing allows changing the sentence construction (syntax) without changing the inherent meaning. Thanks to innovations in machine learning, users will be able to read large documents and write meaningful content faster.

  • Natural language is usually unstructured, especially documents uploaded through an application that may have different nuances for extraction of data
  • State of the art models are complex and sometimes take time for inference
  • Productization of transformer models

Bayshore developed and deployed two models that are used to solve these two separate problems. Both are transformer-based models which have been shown as quite adept at language tasks. One model has been fine-tuned to extract key sentences from a given input text and the other to change the sentence structure (by means of using similar words, changing the syntax, etc.) while retaining the meaning. In both scenarios, the input texts are pre-processed in the backend before feeding into the model. Similarly, after the model outputs the desired text, post-processing steps are implemented to ensure sentence completion and reduce grammatical errors.

To include the feature of uploading a document (Pdf, doc, txt) instead of manually inserting the input text, a simple OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module has been integrated as well.

This application helps to summarize large documents with different modes (or settings), thus saving a huge amount of time for doing the same task. Paraphrasing helps you with writing tasks such as report writing etc.